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Priorities 2004
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Action 1
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Priorities 2004

Requirements -Basics

Support to NGO


  •  The Program Youth has five Actions. Each one has a different aim and different "rules".
  •  The European Commission sets priorities every year to guide the approval of projects. After, every country sets additional national priorities that respect the main ones.
  •  Application deadlines are established for specific periods of time (for example, if a project will take place between the 1st of May and the 30th of September, you must apply before the 1st of February).
  •  You can join or create a project:

    • as an individual (“participant” or “volunteer”’),
    • as an organizer of a project (“hosting organization”),
    • as an organization that joins a project (“sending organization”),
    • by sending individuals to a project from your organization and being their responsible in their home country (“sending organization”).

 If you want to join a project as an individual:
• You need to apply for an existing project to the responsible organization. You will find different kind of projects, in many countries, about many subjects and for different periods of time. Find the ones that interest you.
• If you already know what project you would like to join, contact the responsible organization (“hosting”) and apply.
• You will need also a sending organization; search for one in your town.

 If your organization wants to join a project (sending):
• To join a project you have to receive an invitation from the responsible organization.
• If you don’t have an invitation, you can also try to contact an organization that is preparing a project before they apply.

 If your organization wants to apply for a project (hosting):
• If you want to apply for a project, you have to completely design it first. The project must follow the rules of the Action you choose. Rules affect general aims, kind of activities, people involved, financing, etc.


Young people
Between 15 and 25,
Legally residents in one of the Program Countries,
Groups of young people. 

Priority is given always to people with less opportunities: from a less-privileged cultural, geographical or socio-economic background, or with disabilities

Youth leaders,
Youth workers,
Project managers of the youth field.

Youth organizations,
Non-governmental non-profit organizations or associations,
ENGYOS: European non-governmental youth organizations based in one of the Program countries and with member branches in at least eight Program countries.

What countries

Program Countries:
EU Member States,
EFTA/EEA countries,
Pre-accession countries.

Other countries (“third countries”):
they can participate to a limited extend and under certain conditions in Actions 1, 2 and 5. T
he European Commission may also support projects of a pilot character or with high promotional value involving these countries.

- More about participation of Third Countries in the Users' Guide.

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