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Austria is located in Central Europe, north of Italy and Slovenia .The Geographic coordinates are 47 20 N, 13 20 E. The total area that surrounds Austria is 83,858 sq km, land is 82,738 sq km and the remaining is water 1,120 sq km. Border countries are Czech Republic 362 km, Germany 784 km, Hungary 366 km, Italy 430 km, Liechtenstein 35 km, Slovakia 91 km, Slovenia 330 km, Switzerland 164 km.

The Austrian climate varies with altitude, continent, and Mediterranean influences. Spring and fall are usually mild throughout the country while summers are short, with moderate temperatures. Winters are often cold and severe and last about three months in the valleys, where they are usually ended by the foehn, a warm, dry wind from the south that is often accompanied by damp fog and sudden thaws that precipitate avalanches. Average annual temperatures range between about 7ºC and 9ºC (about 44ºF and 48ºF) throughout the country.


8,150,835 (July 2001 est.)

Languages: German

Euro (EUR)

Exchange rates: 1 EURO to US Dollar : 1,1962 (April 2004)  

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