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Richly endowed in natural resources, Ukraine has been fought over and subjugated for centuries; its 20th-century struggle for liberty is not yet complete. A short-lived independence from Russia (1917-1920) was followed by brutal Soviet rule that engineered two artificial famines (1921-22 and 1932-33) in which over 8 million died, and World War II, in which German and Soviet armies were responsible for some 7 million more deaths.

Although independence was attained in 1991 with the dissolution of the USSR, true freedom remains elusive as many of the former Soviet elite remain entrenched, stalling efforts at economic reform, privatization, and civic liberties.

Location: Eastern Europe, bordering the
Black Sea, between Poland and Russia
Geographic coordinates: 49 00 N, 32 00 E
Population: 48,760,474 (July 2001 est.)
Nationality: noun:  Ukrainian(s)

adjective:  Ukrainian
Ethnic groups: Ukrainian 73%, Russian 22%,
Jewish 1%, other 4%
Religions: Ukrainian Orthodox -
Moscow Patriarchate, Ukrainian Orthodox - Kiev Patriarchate, Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox, Ukrainian Catholic (Uniate), Protestant, Jewish
Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Hungarian
Currency: Fryvnia (UAH)
Currency code: UAH
Exchange rates: 1 EURO to Ukraine Hryvnia: 6,200 (April 2004)


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