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Contact Details Field Actions Location
Mad ‘n’ Young Poland Cultural Heritage, European Awareness, Globalization, etc. young_europe@op.pl Youth Activities Action 1 Skarżysko-Kamienna
Tobe legends (local, national) and superstitions, influence project_meeting@poc-zta.onet.pl Art and Culture Action 1 Chelm
Youth Group in year of sport 2004 Sport, Culture & Recreation mlagiersk@interia.pl Youth Leisure Action 1 Czeladz
The Centre TKKF Multilateral:
European Integration of the Youth under the circumstances of the political system transformation
tkkfjednosc@xl.wp.pl Local Community Action 1 Lodz
Prawosławny Ośrodek Miłosierdzia ELEOS

helps children

pom_eleos@bptnet.pl Social Integration Action 2 Białystok
Europejskie Forum Młodzieży to promote and enhance European and cultural integration through linguistic exchange efm@efm.org.pl Other Action 2 Bystrzyca Kłodzka
Stowarzyszenie Rozwoju i Integracji Młodzieży STRIM - strim@strim.org.pl - Action 2 Kraków
Fundacja im. ks. Siemaszki - us@missiocm.org.pl - Action 2 Kraków
Stowarzyszenie Międzynarodowej i Międzykulturowej Wymiany ANAWOJ - anawoj@interia.pl - Action 2 Michałowo (woj. podlaskie)
Dom Opieki Koecioła Chrzeocijan Baptystow "Nasz Dom"

Elderly people and children

domkchb@wp.pl  Elderly Action 2 Bialystok
Europejskie Forum Mlodziezy to promote internet in town and province, - to organize some exhibition, discussion, competitions and projects about computers and internet for young people from province efm@efm.org.pl Media and Communications Action 2 Bystrzyca Klodzka
Stowarzyszenie Na Rzecz Rozwoju Miasta i Gminy Debrzno create Youth Centre for young people better integrate disabled people into social, cultural and sport activities stowdeb@pro.onet.pl Youth and Children Action 2 Debrzno
Semper Avanti to give the chance to young people and children to have a contact with this kind of choreography and dances as salsa or mamba and othere oriental dances avanti@indexin.com.pl Art And Culture Action 2 Dlugoleka
Invalids Organisation Working with handicapped people - rehabilitation sofia11@wp.pl Disable People Action 2 Gdynia
The Polish Forum of European Education (Polskie Forum Edukacji Europejskiej) to create a permanent transnational network of youth information centres pfee@free.ngo.pl Youth Information Action 2 Katowice
Father Siemaszko Foundation (Fundacja im. ks. Siemaszki) Work with socially disadvantaged young people at the Youth Centre us@missiocm.org.pl Disable People Action 2 Krakow
 Camphill Community in Wojtowka (Stowarzyszenie Wspolnota w Wojtowce) voluntary service for mentally handicapped people or@jedenswiat.org.pl Disable People Action 2 Ladek Zdroj
Fundacja Galeria na Prowincji develop the idea of creating an international centre of art in the Old Theatre and to make cultural exchanges galeria@galeria.pl Art and Culture Action 2 Lublin
Mikolajskie Stowarzyszenie Wspierania Inicjatyw Lokalnych integration of the local community and stimulation the members of local community to different cultural, social and didactic activities rodowo@poczta.onet.pl Other Action 2 Mikolajki
Osrodek Szkolenia I Wychowania help people who came from dysfunctional families to make vocational training, learn new jobs and complete their education dolnoslaska@ohp.pl Social Integration Action 2 Myslakowice
Wild Park Szarejki (Dziki Park Szarejki) Eco-Farm and Wild-Park in Mazury rodowo@poczta.onet.pl Environment Action 2 Nowa Wies
Rehabilitation Centre Monar Integration against drug taking or@jedenswiat.org.pl Anti Drugs Action 2 Orzysz
SEDNO Association for Social Prophylaxis to initiate preventive activities including addiction and HIV/ AIDS education programmes sedno1@wp.plsedno@jzk.poczta.pl Anti Drugs Action 2 Poznan
Polskie Towarzystwo Ochrony Przyrody „Salamandra” Protection of bats sin.mikuszewo@horyzont.net Environment Action 2 Poznan
Mlodziezowy Klub Europejski przy Centrum Ksztalcenia i Wychowania OHP w Dobieszk to take care of underprivileged youth with difficult social and family situation ckwdob@ohp.pl Social Exclusion Action 2 Strykow
Osrodek Szkolno-Wychowawczy Dzieci Niewidomych im. M. Grzegorzewskiej The main aim of the project is to integrate young disabled people (the blind) into a normal daily life as well as in international activities and intercultural learning saevs@wp.pl Disable People Action 2 Wroclaw
Centrum Ksztalcenia i Wychowania OHP w Dobieszkowie to educate and prepare the youth for active social life and to make them aware of and interested in sport ckwdob@ohp.pl Youth Sports Action 2 Stryków
Ochotnicze Hufce Pracy - Zachodniopomorska Komenda Wojewódzka Work with socially disadvantaged young people zachodniopomorska@ohp Disable People Action 2 Szczecin
Powsin Botanical Garden Nature and Ecology Education Centre is based in the Powsin Botanical Garden ecekol@ecekol.edu.pl
Environment Action 2 Warszawa
Socio-therapeutic Centre 'From people to people' Socio-therapeutic Centre "Against Violence" - work with children voluntary@silesius.org.pl Mesaures against violence Action 2 Wroclaw
Angelus Silesius House we create for young people space for development piotr.czekierda@silesius.org.pl   www.silesius.org.pl Youth Leisure Action 3 Wroclaw
THE ACADEMY OF HUMANITIES AND ECONOMICS - astaszalek@ahe.edu.pl - Action 4 Lodz
Voluntary Labour Groups lectures, discussions,
 work in groups, psychologic-educational games
zwzue@poczta.onet.pl  Youth Leisure Action 5 -


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