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Youth Program

The program YOUTH is a program for young people created by the European Commission. It gives the opportunity to participate in many different ways in projects that take place all around Europe. These projects work in different fields for the duration from a few days up to 12 months.

Go for 9 days in a Youth Exchange (Action 1) to discuss a subject and create something with other people, live up to 12 months in a foreign country as a volunteer (Action 2) working in the youth field, and many many more.

The Users' Guide you can read in this section (choose on the left) is the official description of all the program YOUTH published by the European Commission.



HIENET, the creator of this web site, is a NGO that has been working with the European Program YOUTH for many years. We run a lot of YOUTH projects and we have many partners in all the European countries. Every day, we have visits, e-mails, phone calls and fax messages from young people who would like to participate in this program but that have lots of questions about it: What, How, When, Who, with Whom...?

This is one of the main reasons why we have worked hard to publish Eurotool. In this section, we hope to give easy answers to all these questions by publishing the official Users' Guide of the program (which you can also download) and a dynamic section with the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions. Apart from this, you will probably also find useful the information about real projects found under the section Projects.

For the YOUTH program there are National Agencies established in all 30 Program Countries. The Agencies assist with the promotion and implementation of the Program at national level.

Finally, why don't you get in touch with the real YOUTH world in our Communication section?
And remember that Eurotool gives you the chance to apply on line!


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