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Training sessions

As EVS involves young volunteers staying in another country for long periods of time, it is of the utmost importance for adequate levels of training to be provided for them at all stages of the project.

It is the responsibility of the National Agencies to ensure that volunteers receive adequate pre-departure and on-arrival training and attend mid-term evaluation meetings. All volunteers must participate in these training sessions.

Pre-departure training

Pre-departure training gives volunteers an opportunity to talk about their expectations, develop their motivation and obtain information on their host country. They may also be able to meet and speak to ex-volunteers. Pre-departure training is compulsory for all volunteers.

On-arrival training

The objective of on-arrival training, which takes place upon arrival in the host country, is to introduce volunteers to their host country and their host environment, and to help them get to know each other. In some cases, on-arrival training might be organized by the host organizations themselves (minimum 5 EVS volunteers) in line with the guidelines provided by the European Commission.

Mid-term meeting

Mid-term meetings provide volunteers with an opportunity to evaluate their experience so far, in addition to meeting other volunteers from different projects throughout the host country. It should be noted that volunteers are obliged to attend these sessions.

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