Y. Exchanges
Y. Encounters

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Y. Exchanges
Y. Encounters

Youth Exchanges                       


  •  Groups of young people, aged between 15 and 25 (exceptionally under 15 or over 25 if their participation is justified and the number is restricted).
  •  From different backgrounds.
  •  Legally residents in one of the Program Countries or Third Country (more about participation of Third Countries in Youth Exchanges here).


  •  Minimum from two countries.
  •  At least one group must be from a EU Member State.
  •  Total of participants must be between 16 and 60 (plus leaders).
  •  Minimum one leader per group (depending on legislation).
  •  Number of participants from each group must be balanced.
  •  One host group and one or more sending groups.
  •  Each group must arrange the insurance of its members.


  •  Between 6 and 21 days (plus days of travel).


a)      In one of the Program Countries.
b)      Itinerant around all the participants’ countries.


  •  People with less opportunities.

  •  People who are having their first European experience.

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