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Networking Projects

After a Group Initiative, the group might want to continue to develop the project's activities, but this time together with a partner, or partners, in at least one other Program country. The possibility therefore exists of applying for funding for networking activities, under which Group Initiatives can work together on a European level.

A Networking project must offer an added value to the initial Group Initiative project. It should however be noted that it is not necessary to have made a former group initiative in order to be able to apply for a networking project.

A Networking project aims at identifying good practices and transferring the outcomes resulting from a successful Group Initiative to other groups in other countries. It may involve young people’s mobility.

Group Initiatives may take place in any of the Program countries (see section B.2), but not in third countries.

In networking projects, the European dimension may be reflected in exchanges between groups of young people who have already carried out a Group Initiative.

Examples of networking activities are:

  •  Establishing a common web-site

  •  Producing a CD-ROM about a common theme of interest

  •  Creating a support network to act on a common social problem in Europe

  •  Producing a book by the contribution of young people from different counties

  •  Producing a European CD by recording music from different countries

  •  Preparing a common performance/festival on music, dance, theatre, paintings

  •  Producing a virtual newspaper collecting articles from different countries

  •  Producing a common film/video showing different realities in Europe

  •  Preparing a joint meeting/seminar to exchange good practices and experiences about different activities on a common topic and transfer it to your European local communities

The general selection criteria and priorities are the same as for Group Initiatives as outlined in sections E.2.

The funding rules indicated in sections E.2 are also applicable to Networking projects. However, please note that the maximum amounts differ from those for Group Initiatives and may cover travel costs.

The Group Initiative which is coordinating the networking activities applies to its National Agency on behalf of the network.

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