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How to apply

The National Agencies provide the official application forms. These may also be downloaded from the Commission's and other websites (see downloads). Applications should be submitted by the deadlines indicated in section B.5. Please contact the National Agency in your country for assistance with filling in the forms.

One of the partner organizations takes the lead in submitting the application as well as in implementing the project.

  •  For activities 1-6 the application has to be submitted by the host organization to its National Agency.
  •  For activities 7-9 the application can be submitted by any of the partner organizations, which will take on the role of coordinator, to its National Agency.

European non-governmental youth organizations (ENGYOs) which are based in one of the Program countries and have member branches in at least eight Program countries may apply directly to the European Commission or through their national branches to the relevant National Agency.

Once the activity has been approved, a financial agreement (contract) with the beneficiary will govern the use of Community funds. The coordinating organization will receive the grant for the whole project. It is responsible for transferring, to each partner organization, its respective share of the grant and for reporting and presenting final accounts. It also undertakes to fulfill its contractual obligations and should implement the project according to what is set in its application.

The European Commission, or a National Agency, may carry out on-site visits to check that all contractual obligations are being properly fulfilled.

If, in the course of the project, unforeseen circumstances disrupt its implementation, the partners should immediately contact their National Agencies, or the European Commission, to make appropriate arrangements.

Failure to carry out the project as agreed could lead to the National Agency, or the European Commission, recovering part, or all, of the grant. 

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