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The Community grant is based on the principle of co-funding, with other public and/or private contributions. The total project cost cannot be covered by YOUTH alone. Therefore, all partners' contributions in cash or in kind are crucial in covering the total project cost. As far as possible, the participants should take part in the fund-raising activities, so that they are fully involved in project preparation.

Calculation of the Community grant is based on actual travel and exceptional costs, on fixed amounts for all other costs relating to the project and on flat rates per participant per day. The flat rate calculation is based on the number of nights followed by a full program day.

Except for travel and exceptional costs, the Community contribution to activities is not directly linked to any specific costs and consists of fixed amounts which do not have to be accounted for or justified. The beneficiaries may use the contribution as they see fit, as long as they fulfill the obligations.

This funding mechanism is designed to help applicants estimate the size of the grant expected and facilitate realistic planning of the exchange.

A detailed description of the objectives and the type of related activities for which the grant will be used must be provided in the application. This will be one of the most important elements to be examined in selecting projects.

Community grant

Sending group

  •  70% of actual travel costs (young people and group leaders)
  •  Contribution to an advance planning visit
  •  Fixed amount for the preparation of participants and activities (including insurance)
  •  Actual exceptional costs relating to young people with special needs or to the special nature of activities

Host group

  •  Fixed amount for the preparation of activities and participants (including insurance)
  •  Fixed amount per project to cover general activity costs
  •  Flat rate per participant (young people and group leaders) per day
  •  Actual exceptional costs relating to young people with special needs or to the special nature of activities

Advance planning visit

For the advance planning visit (A. P. V), 100% of the travel costs and a flat rate per day are funded. This funding is granted for a maximum of two days and covers one participant per sending group, or two on the condition that the second is a young participant. The planning meeting should take place in the country hosting the project.

Exceptional costs

A number of extra costs can be funded if the project either involves young people with less opportunities and possibly special needs (due to a disability or other circumstances) or has a special pedagogical content, and/or if such funding is warranted by the special nature of the activities.

Vaccination and visa costs are regarded as exceptional costs.

All exceptional costs must be actual costs, properly supported and justifiable. 

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