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What is and not

A youth exchange brings together groups of young people from different backgrounds from two or more countries, providing them with an opportunity to discuss and confront various themes, whilst learning about each other's countries and cultures.

Exchanges between Program countries can be bilateral, trilateral or multilateral. They must take place in one of the partner countries involved in the project. Exchanges do not necessarily imply reciprocity, i.e. the sending group need not become the host group in a second phase of the project. If it does, a separate application must be submitted for the second phase.

In some cases multilateral exchanges can be itinerant, i.e. the entire exchange group moves through several countries during the activity.

Note - what an exchange is not!   The following activities are not eligible for grants under the YOUTH program:

  •  statutory meetings of organizations
  •  holiday travel
  •  language courses
  •  school class exchanges
  •  academic study trips
  •  performance tours
  •  competitions
  •  exchange activities which can be classed as tourism
  •  exchange activities which aim to make financial profit.
  •  work camps, sports activities, cultural activities (which cannot be an end in themselves and may only be funded if complementing the thematic, pedagogical and working method components of a youth exchange as set out in section C.4)

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