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Here you can find some of the organizations that have been connected with or are still making projects for and with disabled people.


Organization:    Motivacio Alapitvany
Location:    Budapest, Hungary
Address:    Henszlmann I. u. 9.
Contact:    E-mail: kicsilany@freemail.hu
Participant:    Anna Dora Revesz
Description:    First of all I work for a foundation, which deals with handicapped, disabled, deaf and dumb, blind and other injured people. My role to help them find work places, and help them to get prepared for work.
We also have a big information place and we help these people in other problems as well, that can come up in every day.
I am a job assistant, and I have degree from social pedagogy, who are trained for children care and young people care.
My other degree is in social work.
And I am the leader of the LITTLE PEOPLE association in Hungary.

Organization:    OPTA Association
Location:    Warsaw, Poland
Address:    Ul Dobra 53 / 79
PL- 00-312
Contact:    oladenst@poczta.onet.pl         
Participant:    Aleksandra (Ola) Denst
Description:    I am cooperating with OPTA association. We try to help adolescents, children, and their parents from pathological families (alcoholics, violence, etc). We lead therapeutic and educational groups for people with less opportunities; individuals meetings. OPTA organizes summer camps, weekends camps.
I leads two groups: for children from alcoholic families, and for adolescents (girls) which have different psychological problems.

Organization:    Volunteers for the Disability
Location:    Thessaloniki, Greece
Address:    Saranta Ekklision 3-5
Contact:    E-mail: pantasis@otenet.gr
Participant:    Diamantina Pantazi
Description:    “Volunteers for the Disability” (Greece) is a NGO that was established in 2000. We want to promote equal rights for the disabled and develop the quality of disabled life.

Organization:    Blessed Matulaitis Social Centre
Location:    Vilnius, Lithuania
Address:    Matulaicio square 3,
Contact:    donatas.noreika@fsf.vu.lt
Participant:    Donatas Noreika Didlaukio
Description:    The activity of the Blessed Matulaitis Social Centre (Lithuania) consists of several projects: a day home for children (7 – 13 years), a project for risk group juveniles, a day home for mentally disabled people and Social Assistance Station (in-house care of elderly people).
I am working in the project, intended for the risk- group juveniles.

Organization:    Voluntary Work Athens
Location:    Athens, Greece
Contact:    vwathens@yahoo.com
Participant:    Georgios Stavrapoulos
Description:    Voluntary Work Athens (Greece) organises different projects such as:
-creative occupation with young people in Crazi (Athens)
-support of patients in public mental hospitals
-Greek and English language lessons for adult refugees and immigrants
-support for refugees of different nationalities
-promotion of international cooperation and solidarity
I am teaching children, developing creative innovative teaching materials. Facilitating a theatrical performance created by youngsters

Organization:    Sjalfsbjorg lsf.
Location:    Reykjavik, Iceland
Address:    Hatuni 12
IS-105 Reykjavik
Contact:    felagsmal@sjalfsbjorg.is
Participant:    Ragnhei?ur Kristiansen
Description:    The association Sjalfsbjorg (Iceland) has 17 branches around the country. They all have the aim to fight for equality of disabled people in every aspect of society.
Sjalfsbjorg would like to bring the conditions of disabled people to the attention of the public. Even though many reforms have been made over the last few years in the intrest of disabled people there is still a long way to go to reach full equality.
Part of my work is to coordinate the youth work within the organisation.

Organization:    Center for Independent Living
Location:    Sofia, Bulgaria
Address:    Lyulin 9, Bl.903a Fl.5 Apt. 14
Sofia 1324,
Participant:    Vladimir & Stefan Vladimirov
Description:    Is non-governmental organization, devoted to stand up for the rights of people with physical disabilities (age 18 - 65 ) in Bulgaria.
I was hired by CIL as consultant to make a survey of "Personal Assistance Schemes in The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Sweden", which I had finish off last November.

Organization:    Deaf People Association
Location:    Valletta, Malta
Address:    45 Lascaris Wharf
Contact:    alfred.bezzina@magnet.mt
Participant:    Dorianne Bezzina & Maria Azzopardi
Description:    We have a group of about 20 youngsters (10 – 16 years) and we meet every fortnight under the leadership of a teacher of the deaf. I am the only deaf leader of the group. We are part of the Deaf People Association (Malta), the national deaf association of our country. We meet at the deaf club but also organise educational talks and outings. The main aim of the group is to provide opportunities for these young deaf people to meet with each other in an environment where communication is not a problem because the main medium is Maltese Sign Language.

Organization:    Adolescent Association
Location:    Bucharest, Romania
Address:    Sos.Iancului street nr.5, bl.110, sc.A, et.3, ap.13
Contact:    Angela_enescu@yahoo.com
Participant:    Angela Enescu
Description:    Adolescent Association (Romania) is a nongovernmental, non-profit voluntary organisation, created in 1991 to address social issues of Romanian youth
Our small professional staff maintains team of trained young volunteers which are providing education, counselling and social assistance activities for disadvantaged youngsters. My role is related to means of prevention of teenage drug usage.

Organization:    INTEGRA-BDS
Location:    Sofia, Bulgaria
Address:    Vardar Str 35 B / B
Contact:    ellietashev@yahoo.com
Participant:    Eleonora Tasheva
Description:    INTEGRA-BDS (Bulgaria) is an association committed to help people to build their businesses so that they can become “islands of integrity” and become agents of community transformation. Business people could have a great impact on the society as they provide opportunities and employ disadvantaged young people. They can give them a chance not only to self sustain, but also to develop and use their gifts and creativity. This belief is in the foundation of a pilot program called “Integrating orphans into society”. The main goals of this program are to train and equip disadvantaged young people with adequate knowledge and skills to work and to become self- sustaining, as well as to develop a model for the work with disadvantaged young people. Our desire is to offer this model as a tool to other organizations around Bulgaria and Eastern Europe who are working with older orphans and face the same problems and challenges.

Organization:    Social Service Selfossi
Location:    Selfossi, Iceland
Address:    Ra?husi Arborgar
Austurvegi 2
800 Selfossi
Contact:    inga@arborg.is
Participant:    Inga Margret Skuladottir
Description:    I work as a director of a family department at the social service in my community (Iceland). I work with families that needs social support, consultation and prophylaxis. And then I work in child-care which means I get information about children that are in “danger”. This means I work a lot with laws (child-care laws) and regulations. I also work a lot with the police, the schools, the kindergarten, and social workers in other communities.

Organization:    Uit de Marge
Location:    Borgerhout, Belgium
Address:    Uit de Marge vzw
Hof ter Lo 6B
2140 Borgerhout
Contact:    Email: uitmarge@yucom.be
Participant:    Manfred Ingelbrecht
Description:    Uit de Marge (Belgium) is an organisation that works for Flemish organisations who work with youth with fewer opportunities. It does so by distributing information, specific and non-specific about working with children and young people with fewer opportunities. Uit de Marge also gives courses for people working with children and young people with fewer opportunities.

Organization:    Lidingo Folk High School
Location:    Stockholm, Sweden
Address:    Hagagatan 8
S-113 48
Contact:    E-mail: asa.gustafsson@lidingo.fhsk.se
Participant:    Asa Gustafson
Description:    Lidingo Folk High School (Sweden) is working on formal education as well as non-formal education and vocational education (youth and community workers). Direct work on group building, leadership and intercultural learning and training on these topics are our main profiles. Programmes for young people with fewer opportunities (school drop-outs etc) are an important part of Lidingo Folk High School. Active methods such as adventure learning (www.utepedagogerna.nu) and intercultural learning are used a lot. We strongly believe in learning by doing!

Organization:    Youth Reach Shelter
Location:    ICELAND
Address:    Youth Reach Shelter,
Karastigur 3,
Contact:    hafsteinngh@fel.rvk.is
Participant:    Hafsteinn (Haddi) Gunnar
Description:    Youth Reach Shelter does prevention work. It is a shelter for teenagers with social difficulties due, for example, to isolation, harassment, depression, anxiety, social isolation and psychological problems. We provide group therapy and individual therapy for the children. The program revolves around leisure activities and environmental therapy and methods. The children are at age 13-18 years old and come to the shelter on a voluntary basis four times a week for five hours at a time.

Organization:    Diasporahaus Bietenhausen
Location:    GERMANY
Address:    Diasporahaus Bietenhausen – Jugendhilfezentrum,
Mechtildstr. 10,
Contact:    diasporahaus_matheusser@web.de
Participant:    Angela Matheusser
Description:    The Diasporahaus is a very big organisation, which works with families, young adults, youngsters and children. They all have problems in social affairs, for example with behaviour, alcohol, drugs and they are all isolated. Sometimes the project works together with the youth care office and it is situated locally in each village.

Organization:    The Leaveners
Location:    UK
Address:    Leaveners, 1
The Lodge,
1046 Bristol Road,
Birmingham B29 6LJ,
United Kingdom
Contact:    tina@leaveners.org
Participant:    Tina Helfrich
Description:    The Leaveners work with young people (12 – 25 years) mainly from Quaker families and Quaker schools who want to make theatre and music in a co-operative way about social issues or personal concerns. We train older members so they can lead projects with younger members. We organise projects with non-Quaker groups to promote inclusion and friendship.

Organization:    Civil Association Cesty
Address:    Nova Doba 483/6,
Contact:    majakrka@post.sk
Participant:    Maria (Maja) Krkoskova
Description:    The organisation spends free time with youth and children in the form of weekend stays, summer camps, one-day activities, youth exchange, co-operation, prevention, education, culture and sports. It is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation. We want to co-operate with other countries in international youth activities.

Organization:    DPJC – Spiritual Guidance Centre for Youth
Address:    DPJC,
Laukininku 12-1,
LT-5814 Klaipeda,
Contact:    dpjc@takas.lt
Participant:    Gintaré Krivickaite
Description:    Mission statement: to develop youth through various voluntary activities to help oneself and others based on Christian moral principles and provide social, psychological support.
9 different programs:
1. Youth hot-line: psychological support by phone
2. Operation Snowball: primary drug and alcohol prevention
3. Youth Leaders: social help to 7-10 years old children
4. Words of Mercy: assistance to elderly people
5. Teenagers Club: work with youth at risk
6. International Award: program based on a self-challenge
7. Big Brothers/Big Sisters: to help children and teenagers from broken families to better adapt to society
8. It takes a village to raise a child: this program is designed for parents
9. Natural Helpers: to teach youth to help their peers dealing with difficult issues in their natural environment.

Organization:    Social Assistance Co-ordination Centre LTD
Address:    Social Assistance Co-ordination Centre LTD,
Talse iela 5,
Contact:    spkc@tukums.parks.lv
Participant:    Sarma Upesleja, director
Description:    This non-profit organisation:
• Supervises the work of the district of Tukums’ social assistance system, organises development and training.
• Collaborates with NGO’s through projects.
• Organises volunteer work within the district and on regional basis, take part in EVS.
• Gathers information about social assistance recipients in the district, etc…

Organization:    Asgadur
Address:    Post box 10011,
IS-130 Reykjavik,
Contact:    asgardh@simnet.is
Participant:    Thor Danielson
Description:    Asgardur handwork shop was established in 1993. In the beginning there was one worker with three disabled workers, aged 18-40. The work hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The disabled workers come mostly from Reykjavik and they live either with their parents or in sheltered homes. A few of them have their own apartments.
In Asgardur we produce a range of handmade wooden toys and lifestyle items. Our production is our own and is inspired by the Icelandic reality, and everything else that the tree inspires us to make out of it. Our ambition is to notice the best part in every individual and every individual’s capability, but not vice versa.
To work with his or her ideas and to participate in the production from the first idea to the finished production gives them confidence, patience, willpower and pride.

Organization:    FGURA Local Council
Address:    Dar Il-Kunsill,
Triq il Karmnu,
Fgura – Plau 13,
Contact:    fgura.lc@magnet.mt
Participant:    Rita Cutajar
Description:    Local Council is not an NGO. It is formed by an election for three years. Its main aim is to look physically for the need of the village. We are a group of nine counsellors on volunteer basis for a village of 12.000 people. Since March 2000 when we were elected, we met many problems with youngsters such as drug and alcohol abuse and vandalism. So, we decided to take part in the SALTO TC to see what we can benefit for our youngsters as exchange to host and to send volunteers to work as social workers.

Organization:    The OWL
Location:    ESTONIA
Address:    The Owl, Moisavahe 31-57, EE-50707 Tartu, Estonia
Contact:    krialt@hotmail.com
Participant:    Kristel Altosaar
Description:    The “OWL” was established in 1999. In 1999 we also opened children and youngsters centre. Our main aim is to make criminal prevention. Our target group is children under 18 who have problems at home, at school: substance abuse, criminal acts, and street children.
We offer:
• leisure time activities
• training
• rehabilitation work
• international co-operation
• creative dance and theatre studio

Location:    BULGARIA
Address:    Psychological Center for Research (PCRP), Str. Lavele 10, ap. 2, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
Contact:    pcrp@sf.icn.bg
Participant:    Diana Indjova
Description:    PCRP is dedicated to improving the human rights of Bulgarian Citizens with mental, physical and sensory disabilities, both by promoting access to normal work and daily life and also by developing the needed support structures.
• seminars
• strengthening natural support networks
• training members of local governments and official State institutions
• Lobbying for a change in the legislative system of Bulgaria.
• Public awareness campaign
• Supported employment project.

Location:    FRANCE
Address:    Federation Departementale, MJC Cotes d’Armor, 18 rue Abbe Valee, BP 4618, F-22046 Saint-Brieuc Cedex, France
Contact:    fdmjc.22@wanadoo.fr
Participant:    Yves Trouinard
Description:    NGO Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture. The project is a regional network of 30 local Y&C associations. They propose activities and cultural events for children and adults. You find youth clubs where you find youths that are socially and economically disadvantaged. We develop more and more international youth exchanges and voluntary work.

Organization:    UNISER
Location:    ITALY
Address:    UNISER s.c.a.r.l., Via Bruni n. 38, I-47100 Forli, Italy
Contact:    segreteria@uniser.net
Participant:    Milena Mengozzi
Description:    Young staff co-operative born in 1998.
Their main activities:
• EVS-sending and hosting organisation
• Moving step by step: we are searching for a hosting project and there is one volunteer to send abroad.
• Global Youth Service Day Network
We also help volunteers to use their capital futures to create their own voluntary activity.

Location:    PORTUGAL
Address:    Centre Internactional da AJP, Rua de Sao Joao, P-3130-080 Granja do Ulmeiro, Portugal
Contact:    ajp-p@clix.pt
Participant:    Laure De Witt
Description:    Youth Action for Peace fights against all types of violence, exploitation and injustice. It also fights against ideological, religious, politic, sexual, economic and cultural oppression.
It’s an international youth NGO. YAP-Portugal organises:
• international workcamps
• EVS / EVS Short term / Step by Step (hosting and sending project)
• Workshops
• Training courses
• Co-operation with Timor and Timorese refugees in Portugal
• Youth exchanges, fair trade, local development projects in the local groups around the country, seminars and conferences (women, Timor, voluntary work, …)

Organization:    BOOMERANG
Location:    SWEDEN
Address:    Boomerang Project, Medborgarskolan, Norra Torget 2, S-68131 Kristinehamn, Sweden
Contact:    asa@kps.zzn.com
Participant:    Asa Askeskär
Description:    The Boomerang Project started in Kristinehamn, May 2000. The project is run jointly by a manager and young unemployed people. We are co-operating with the Trade Union, the employment office and the social service department, etc. We are working on national and international level.
The project’s main task is to help and prepare young people who wants to go abroad to work, do their practicum or become volunteers. We also keep contact with them while they are abroad, supporting and helping them if any problems may occur.
The project is also motivating and helping organisations, associations and corporations to host young people from the rest of Europe in our community.

Location:    SPAIN
Address:    Casa de la Juventud, Soria 43, E-28100 Alcobendas, Spain
Contact:    oij@eurojoven.org
Participant:    Raquel Ferrer Nilsson
Description:    CASA DE LA JUVENTUD
Information and documentation centre.
• Topics for youth concerns, studies consultancies (what possible future opportunities you may find), employment, training, travel, nature, sport activities, co-operation for development.
• Legal consultancy (special for foreigners)
• Assessment for young people (medical assistance, sexual concerns…)
• Housing offers for young people
• Entertainment school (for volunteers)
• Neighbour hoods  leisure time projects for children with associations
• European Programs

Organization:    SPORT CLUB “DUKSIS”
Location:    LATVIA
Address:    Duksis, Lielvardes str. 43, Ogre, LV 5000, Latvia
Contact:    duksis@oic.lv
Participant:    Zanda Logina
Description:    We are a group of volunteers, working with at risk / criminal teenagers, 14 – 18 years old.
We started working in 1995.
Our working directions are:
• summer and winter camp (international)
• youth exchange programs
• seminars
• outdoor program (for teenagers and for adults)
• long and short term projects
• We have experience in working with children with a handicap.
Our organisation is a part of a network of similar organisations in Latvia and other countries. We hold membership in different organisations.
Welcome to “DUKSIS”, we will really love co-operation with your organisation!

Location:    UK
Address:    South Tyneside Youth Action volunteers, Gresford Street, Stanhope Complex, South Shields, Tyne and Wear Ne33 4SZ, England
Contact:    fax: 0044.191.454.8704
Participant:    Tracey Jones
Description:    YAV is based in the northeast of England – South Shields and has over 350 volunteers aged 14-25 years. They can receive qualifications and accreditation for their hours of voluntary work. We are a hosting and sending EVS project and are looking for partners to work with. Volunteers can get involved in sports, schools, exchange visits, drama, environmental conservation and theatre groups and are very well supported throughout their time with us.

Location:    IRELAND
Address:    Tralee Youth Centre, Derry Str, Tralee, Co Kerry, Ireland
Contact:    redmondpowell@hotmail.com
Participant:    Redmond Powell
Description:    The Kerry Diocesan Youth Service is committed to providing a youth work service to the young people of Kerry on a needs basis. We provide social, recreational and educational outlets. We target those most at risk especially educationally disadvantaged early school leavers and marginalised young people. Our work is participative, creative and needs-based.

Organization:    LABORA gGmbH
Location:    GERMANY
Address:    Labora Gmbh, Borsigstr. 5, D-31135 Hildesheim, Germany
Contact:    c.luck@gmx.de
Participant:    Claudia Luck
Description:    Labora gGmbH is a charitable limited company funded by clerical structures in 1990. Its main aim is the qualification and (re) integration of unemployed people from different backgrounds into the labour market. The two pillars of Labora gGmbH are ‘social enterprises’ that create jobs for long term unemployed adults (furniture shops & metal workshops) and different offers for young people (up to 25 years). These include youth workshops (painting, carpentry, bike repair…), a social training course for young delinquents, and two projects that offer support in application-training, choice of job, personal problems etc.

Location:    MALTA
Address:    Youth for Education and Understanding, 42, Triq il-Fikuz, Zabbar Zbrot, Malta
Contact:    shazdimech@hotmail.com
Participant:    Sharon Dimech
Description:    YEU is and international organisation for young people from both developed and developing countries. Currently there are 26 member organisations from Europe, Asia and Africa. The main aim is for young people from different countries, and therefore different cultural, religious and social backgrounds, to meet and share their ideas and experiences. This way understanding and co-operation can be enhanced.

Organization:    INEX – SDA
Location:    CZECH REPL.
Address:    INEX, Jungmannova 1139, Beroun 2, 26601, Czech Republic
Contact:    mysovlk@hotmail.com
Participant:    Michela (Misa) Vlkova
Description:    We organise short and long term international public beneficial projects of voluntary work. We help in small villages, in socially oriented communities, in the countryside etc. Through our camps of voluntary work, seminars and meeting people we want to contribute to revitalising particular places. We enable young people to participate at similar projects abroad.

Location:    CZECH REPL.
Address:    House of Children and Youth, Dum Diti Mladee, T 17, Listopadu 47, Olomouc 77174, Czech Republic
Contact:    Icmol@iol.cz
Participant:    Leos Brezina
Description:    THE HOUSE OF CHILDREN AND YOUTH is a municipal organisation for leisure time of children and youth from 3 to 26 years. We provide regular activities in many clubs (culture, dance, theatre, music, paint, ceramic, working with wood, sports = basketball / tennis / in-line skating (rollerblading), ecology, techniques = PC / railroads and airplane models / video). Besides these activities we also organise non-regular activities and weekend – vacation activities. We also have an information centre and organise exchanges for young people.

Organization:    VIA
Location:    BELGIUM
Address:    VIA, Draakstraat 37, B-2018 Antwerpen, Belgium
Contact:    via@glo.be
Participant:    Erika Schoonjans
Description:    VIA is the Flemish branch of 2 international organisations active in the field of voluntary work: Service Civil International (SCI) and International Christian Youth Exchange (ICYE).
The basic programmes are:
• the workcamps (organised by SCI) (from 18 years until … no age limit)
• the long-term exchanges
•The medium and long term program of SCI
• 6 month – 1 year exchange program of ICYE (18-30 years)
• EVS is used by both SCI & ICYE
• Within the workcamp program we use the EVS Short Term (since ’99)

Location:    MALTA
Address:    Diocesan Youth Commission, 492/3 St. Joseph High Rd., Sta Venera HMR 18, Malta
Contact:    geritagius@hotmail.com
Participant:    Marguerite Agius
Description:    KDZ was established in 1983 after different youth groups felt the need to come together to work effectively towards youth on a national level. KDZ aims to support youth groups forming part of the Church in Malta. It also helps in the Christian formation of Maltese youths and future youth leaders. This work is done through publications, weekend encounters, fora and support to youth activities, meetings with youth in parishes.

Organization:    OLHO VIVO
Location:    Portugal
Address:    Olho Vivo, Av. Antonio Enes 31, Centro Commercial Queluz, 2745-068 Queluz, Portugal
Contact:    olho.vivo@megamail.pt
Participant:    Laura Costa Pereira Silva Lopes
Description:    Olho Vivo is a Portuguese non-profit NGO, working on national level and stands for the defence of Cultural Heritage, Environment and Human Rights. As a youth organisation, Olho Vivo is a member of the Portuguese Youth Council in the Queluz, Portuguese Network against racism and Xenophobia and Environmental Protection Network.
As most youth NGO’s, Olho Vivo’s work and intervention is also based and focused on the voluntary work of our members, supported by a structure, developed by a team at a professional level that supervises and helps the voluntaries and their projects.

Location:    Germany
Address:    Ausbildungswerk Kreuzberg E.V., Köpenickerstr. 145, D-10977 Berlin
Contact:    abw.kreuzberg.ev@t-online.de
Participant:    Heidi Koselowsky
Description:    • Non-profit governmental organisation in Berlin.
• The aim: to work with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in a holistic way of learning, working and living.
• The offer: 
   • vocational training in different skilled trades (plumber, carpenter, electrician, maitre de cuisine, waitress)
   • housing within housing groups
• The method: to be trained in a profession and at the same time to give support in social ‘living’ + reintegration in a self-determined life

Location:    Denmark
Address:    Ebeltoft Youth School and Youth Club, Skolevej 7, DK-8400 Ebeltoft
Contact:    jacques_novotny@hotmail.com
Participant:    Jacques Novotny
Description:    Ebeltoft youth school/club is a non-profit governmental organisation with approximately 400 members. To attend the club you must take a class in the youth school. The school has various classes such as: photography, moped licence, IT for girls/boys, drama, basketball, music, electronics etc. which is free, under Danish legislation. The club is offered on a spare-time basis where young people can hang out with their friends, but it also organises trips and activities, and is responsible for the European dimension in the organisation.

Location:    Belgium
Address:    Compagnons Batisseurs, Rue des Carmes 24 C, B-6900 Marche en Famenne
Contact:    info@compagnonsbatisseurs.be
Participant:    Julien Bissot
Description:    Les Compagnons Bâtisseurs Belgium is a non-profit organisation founded after World War II.
The aims of the association:
Create understanding between people
Give support to social local initiatives (to offer…)
Encourage personal growth
Encourage equal opportunities
The activities:
International workcamps (2-3 weeks in Belgium or abroad, ecological, social, cultural or restoration work)
Weekend workcamps (during one weekend in Belgium in a local organisation)
EVS program
Accompanying mentally disabled people (during weekend and fortnight stays)


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