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  •  What is NOT a Youth Initiative project?

A Youth Initiative is NOT to ask support to a make a book and then print just ten copies and keep the rest of the money because nobody will check it.

A Group Initiative does NOT involve young people’s transnational mobility. Therefore, international travel expenses cannot, in principle, be included in the project budget.


  •  In what countries can I do my future capital? Must I choose between my hosting and sending country?

You can do your future capital in any of the program countries, even if you have no relation with the country at all. You just have to send your application to the National Agency of the country you want to apply to.


  •  If I want to do my future capital in another country, do I have to produce some material in the language of that country? Must it at least be in English or any other language then?

There are no specifications about this in the Users' Guide, but it is a good idea to think in this direction if you want to get your project approved.

On the one hand, the activities should be in a language that the people to whom they are focused will understand. On the other hand, think also about the languages that the members of the National Agency speak, because it is them who will check the project (it is not a good idea to ask the N.A. of Poland to check your website just in French, for example).


  •   Can I do my Future Capital even if I didn't make my EVS?

No. You must do EVS before.


  •  What do I need to make a networking project?

A group of at least 4 young people, aged between 15 and 25 (in principle), and legally residents in one of the Program Countries. It can last between three months and one year and must take place in a program country. For detailed information, check the Users' guide.


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