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  • Who can apply?

Local, regional or national organizations, and groups from the statutory and voluntary youth sectors, interested in developing projects within the objectives of the YOUTH program.

European youth organizations which have a base in one of the program countries, along with member branches in at least 8 program countries, can apply either through their National Agency, or direct to the European Commission in response to a specific call for projects twice a year.

Most projects should involve a minimum of four countries.


  •  I have to be experienced within youth activities to do a Support Measure project?

Not necessarily, it also includes young people and other actors involved or interested in non-formal education.


  •  I can choose whatever subject I want?

There are many different subjects and type of activities within the Support Measure program, but all projects must be directly linked to the Actions and/or objectives of the YOUTH program.


  •  What kind of activities can be organized?

Activities fulfilling one or more of the objectives described, can take a variety of forms such as training courses, visits, workshops, seminars or job shadowing. The choice will depend upon the most appropriate method to achieve the objectives of a particular project.


  •  For how long period is a Support Measure project?

This depends on which of the nine types of activities you take part in. Read about the activities 1-9 here!


  • How are projects financed?

Grants are based on the principle of co-funding. This means that the YOUTH program and the organizers/participants contribute to the cost of a project. The contributions of the organizers/participants can be in cash, or in-kind, or a combination of both. All Support Measures must be non-profit-making.


  • Who should submit the application?

For support measures with program countries, applications are submitted to the National Agency in the country either where the project will take place, or where it is being coordinated.


  • Who can participate?

Projects can involve youth workers; trainers; support persons such as Youth Initiative assessors, European Voluntary Service supervisors and mentors; youth officers, managers and policy makers – indeed all who are involved in informal education.

Participants can be from any of the countries participating in the program.


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