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  •  I am over 25 years old… can I still participate in the program YOUTH?

Yes. There are different ways:


For Youth Encounters and Exchanges (Action 1), you can exceptionally be over 25 if your participation is justified and the number of people in the group aging over 25 is restricted. For EVS (Action 2), you can be over 25 if your participation is justified and you are considered inside the group of young people with less opportunities (from a less-privileged cultural, geographical or socio-economic background, or with disabilities). Cases are judged on a case-by-case basis. For Youth initiatives (Action 3), participants should be aged between 15 and 25 “in principle”.


In a Youth Encounters and Exchanges (Action 1), each group should have one or more leaders (in accordance with national legislation or requirements for this type of activity). Their task is to be responsible for carrying out and monitoring the project properly and for ensuring the active involvement of all participants


In an EVS (Action 2) project, each host organization must identify a mentor who is directly responsible for the volunteer and to whom the volunteer can turn in case of problems.


The different 9 Support Measures (Action 5) are open to: youth workers, trainers, support persons, project managers, mentors, youth leaders and other actors involved or interested in non- formal education.


  •  What are the requirements to be an “organization”?

An organization must be a legally established Non-Governmental Non-Profit organization or association. It can work with any field as long as it is related with young people: social, environmental, multimedia, artistic, educational, etc.


  •  Do I have to pay to join a project?

It depends on the Action.


NOTHING for those Youth Encounters and Exchanges (Action 1) in which the hosting organization finances all the expenses of the participants (accommodation, transport and food).

NOTHING for all EVS projects (Action 2), since travel costs, insurance, food, accommodation and a small allowance are covered by the YOUTH program and the organization.

A LITTLE for those Youth Encounters and Exchanges in which not all expenses are financed by the organization. In this case, participants usually have to pay a Participation Fee and a part of the ticket (for example, 70 Euros for the Participation Fee and 30% of the ticket).

A PART for a Group Initiative, Networking Projects and Future Capital (Action 3). For these programs you get a grant from the Program depending on 1) the priority they give to your project, 2) the proposal of expenses you wrote in the application. This money is not usually enough to cover all your expenses, so in most cases you will have to search for a part-time job. Check the User's Guide for the exact amounts determined for Group Initiatives, Networking Projects and Future Capital.


PART of all costs if no other contribution is found: the Program grant is based on the principle of co-funding with other public and/or private contributions, the total project cost cannot be covered by YOUTH alone. Check the User's Guide to see what exactly is financed by the Program for Youth Encounters and Exchanges (Action 1), EVS (Action 3), and Support Measures.

For more detailed information, check the User's Guide.


  •  Can I apply for a project from a country different that mine? (For example, in the case that I’m a Greek citizen living in England and I would like to apply for an EVS project in Sweden through an organization from the UK.)

Yes. Then your application is done through the National Agency of the country of the organization.


  •  In Program Youth are participating just EU countries?


Countries which can participate in all five actions of the YOUTH program are called "Program countries". These are the 15 member states, the 3 EFTA countries members of the EEA, and the 12 countries candidates to access the European Union. See list.

The countries in other parts of the world ("third countries") which can participate in Actions 1, 2 and 5 of the YOUTH program are divided into priority regions. See list.


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